Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Topographical plans

The green one is of my house followed by a Google image of it. Then are the two book exercises.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


For the dialog project I created an overall wedge shape. The two spaces are stacked and are facing different directions. To make the folds, I scored the paper, which is a technique that took me forever to think of. The skewers are all split down the middle and are straddling the paper as if the paper had actually cracked them.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cell phone/twig

First:pictures of twig Second:pictures of cell phone Third:combination

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Unity Project comparison

The project that I wanted to use as a comparison is Hailey's cone-shaped model. Though it looks nothing like my model, I can still relate to it. For all three of the projects which we have done, my first ideal is always to make a cone. My leaf project looked like a cone until two days before the due date. The twig project started off like a cone, nearly identical to Hailey's, though I was able to change it up and simplify it. For the unity project I immediately thought of creating yet another cone, though I was able to refrain. It seems that a cone is a very easy form for me to work with, but the ideas that I have spawned from it have been very generic and haven't actually related well with the nature of the objects protruding from them. The thing about cones it that they have a definite base and also have a sense of progression since they move upward into a point. But I am glad that I have moved away from my first response for each of the assignments.
My final product for the unity project is very unique and it is difficult to compare to other projects. The theme of the piece is movement, actual movement. It took a long time to realize the direction I was going with it, I wanted to make sure that I understood the many ways I could manipulate the materials. I ended up cracking the sticks without severing the pieces. I broke the sticks in a z-shape which gives the impression of a circular movement. Then, after a long brainstorm (aka banging my head with my fist hoping for inspiration) I came up with the idea of pushing the implied motion of sticks further. That is how I came up with the spinning piece of paper in the middle of the project.
Though my and Hailey's projects look nothing alike, there is still a relationship between them in my eyes. Both of them have the idea of a circular shape and a sense of direction.

(Image from Hailey A.'s blog.)